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My husband drove a 18 wheeler and was home on the weekends. So our problem was that I work 40+ hours a week and I have 3 children, so I did not have time to let him get into town, call me and then try and go pick him up. We needed a place for him to park his blazer during the week and his 18 wheeler over the weekend so he could just get in his truck when he got back into town and come home. Mike's storage place allowed us do this. It is very secure. My husband's blazer sat there all week and nothing ever happened to it. I will definitely recommend Fry Outside Storage to anyone who is in a similar situation. Mike is a very friendly, reasonable guy. The price is very reasonable, especially since I was wasting gas having to go pick up my husband at the nearest truck stop. Then worrying if his truck was going to be safe over the weekend. I would give him more stars if they would let me.

Debbie Carr Lane
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